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tv   The Next Big Problem  CSPAN  April 19, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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>> this month we showcase our studentcam winner. it is an annual video competition for middle and high school students. this year's theme is word to the whitehouse. students were asked, what issues do a presidential candidates to discuss? one of our second prize middle school winners is from clinton, new jersey. zachary kesselhaut, an eighth grader at clinton township middle school, wants president of candidates to discuss
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cyber warfare and cyberattacks. his video is titled "cyberwarfare: the next big problem." gentlemen.nd ableu are not going to be to insult the greatest presidency. >> the affordable care act. >> the candidate. >> for president. >> of the united states. >> we are going to. >> earn your vote. >> to make our country great again. the 2016 election is coming up fast. candidates are rising and falling quickly. their platforms mainly concentrate on social and economic issues, but none of them have mentioned what could be the biggest issue ever as a country. ♪ >> everyone agrees, computers
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have made our lives easier and we are more connected as a human race than ever before. computers are organizing our lives, connecting the world and even saving lives. however, are dependence on technology is not without risks. since the invention of computers, sump people have used them maliciously. the problems of gotten so bad there is a growing demand for specialists in the field of cyber protection and defense. >> there are many different types of cyber defense. they vary depending on the industry. >> most people have heard about cyber fraud, which attack the person individually through identity theft or invasion of private information, including but not limited to, bank accounts. every computer that is connected to the internet is vulnerable. one of the most common attacks is called a denial of service or eos attacks. these attacks shut down an individual computer's ability to access the internet. these attacks are more
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widespread and frequent. it's attacks can happen to anyone or anything at anytime. edos attacks shut down an entire network. there is a potential range of attacks that is huge. a good happen to your home, your friend's minecraft server, your business, or even our banking system. another type of attack is that the business for corporate level. >> small businesses need to be concerned because whether you are a pizzeria or you or walmart, technology drives just about everything within any company. >> in 1998, a 12 you a boy successfully hacked -- 12-year-old boy successfully hacked into computer systems. he could have opened the floodgates and dumped nearly 500 billion gallons of water on the arizona cities of mesa. fortunately, he did not. >> this is only one incident of
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how honorable our computer-based systems are. >> of your systems are a type of industrial control system. >> they are the core of many manufacturing processes. toit is what you give industrial systems or power plants, things that need to be regulated. a power be a dam, plant, a machine. >> in october of 2014, researchers found vulnerabilities in the system, the most alarming of which is that most systems still use the default password sent by the manufacturer, which can be easily found by anyone who knows how to operate google. >> that was easy. >> according to "security week magazine" the number of attacks doubled. in 2009, the u.s. cyber command was formed. this group fights on a different battlefield, the internet.
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given ahave been responsibility to direct, operate, and secure the department's networks, which are fundamental to the executtion of missions. since 2014, the funding has dropped to about $460 million. that is the loss of over $80 million. the u.s. cyber command are becoming more important. because as technology evolves, so does the possibility of a cyber attack. >> when we look at the problem such as cyber security, as we go werward in time as , cybere advanced security gets more complicated. a lot of the challenges our jurisdictional. it is all good for a u.s.
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president or a eu leader to make any changes they want in their own country. >> a computer worm allegedly developed by israel and the net i united states shows that an international cyber war is now a very real possibility. >> such is a virus that is targeted towards data. again, think of the oil industry, the gas industry, all the different industries that use automated control processes to operate. against iranck brought to attention is the realization that our critical infrastructure needs to be better protected. >> i think it is critical for our president and for any candidates and potential
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presidents to be familiar with cyber security. i don't think they need to be experts. you want to be knowledgeable enough about the topic to identify people who really know what they are talking about. >> the american public should know that all presidential candidates have a good and solid planet to defend our nation against these types of attacks. >> imagine if the grid was shut down with no access to your technology, how would it disrupt your life? cyber warfare is an effort to attack our way of life, personal, national, and even on a global level. the possibilities could be catastrophic. cyber warfare has no geographic, cultural, or political loundaries and no moral compass. if we don't prepare, the future of the humanity is in jeopardy. this demands a basic understanding from our next american president.
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technology companies introduce new products and platforms as ng," buttb big thi little attention is given to cyber warfare, the next big problem. >> to watch all the prize-winning documentaries, visit next on c-span, "washington journal." later the house of representatives returns for morning hour at 10:00 a.m., followed by legislative business. coming up in about 45 minutes, democratic congressman javier on monday's supreme court oral argument. and then pennsylvania congressman lou barletta talks about the 2016 presidential campaign and his endorsement of donald trump. anna palmer joins us to talk
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about primary day in new york and the latest on the campaign trail, including a look at how campaigns on both sides are wooing delegates and a superdelegates ahead of the summer's political conventions. ♪ thisod morning everyone on tuesday, april 19. it is primary day in new york. 30ald trump is shown with a point lead in the republican primary. the is beating bernie sanders 54% to 42%. we will cover the candidates tonight and have coverage of their speeches, starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. tune in to coverage here on c-span. we will begin this morning with one of the core issues of the democratic primary. that is the 1994 crime


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